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29 July 2008 @ 11:04 pm
I've been able locate where Lisbon is. But I can't get near.

Too many protections. Too many red flags. I don't dare try and break through them. I'm not stupid. Or reckless enough to try and do so.

I put all my anger into what has happened into my potions. Into cleaning up messes that Damiano has made. He's better at cleaning them up than Tre does, but the witches or Muggles he brings home...

He needs to be a bit more discreet with his type.

As for Lux...

But I know what type of witch she is. What she does. She's stayed hidden long enough. She'll end up leaving.

All I have to do is bide my time. Be patient.

Once she makes an appearance, I'll be able to find her.

And then I'm going to kill the bitch. Or at least play with her enough to knock her out, take her home with me.

Then hand her to Damiano.

Either way, she's going to die.
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Lux Lisbon: looking offbah_lux on July 30th, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
I have to leave. While I am still going stir crazy, part of the problem is that I am starting to get comfortable. That can't happen. Especially not with Lesandra still out there somewhere. I need to get away before she attacks. I have been here too long. Maybe it is just long enough for her to think I am else where. Now is the time to make my move.

It doesn't take long to make sure I have everything. However, I do take a moment to write two notes. One to Nina and one to Nicolas.

I am sure they will find it when they get back. I have to leave while they are gone or I'm sure they would find a way to stop me.

I sign the notes and am out the door before the ink is dry. The sooner I get to the train station, the better. From there, I can get almost anywhere. I already know where I will stop for a bit.

It doesn't take long for me to walk to the station. Though I wasn't hindered by a lot of bags. I have two along with my laptop case. I might consider getting rid of some of my things so I only need one bag. it will make traveling easier. I pause to look up at the arrivals and departures board. I'll take the earliest train and then go from there.
Lesandra: dangerousbah_lesandra on July 30th, 2008 03:10 am (UTC)

It's a pity Lisbon never decided to dye her hair. Red stands out. I took advantage of her distraction, and came up behind her while she wasn't prepared.

I grab the red head by the arm with my free hand, while I keep my wand pointed at her back. Luckily for me, I'm in full form so I can do precisely what I intend to do to the little con artist.

"Didn't think my warning was serious Lisbon?" I say softly. "I was quite serious. You should know that by now. But no, you never did pick your battles carefully. After all, this all started with you conning me out of some much needed Galleons."
Nicolas Poliakoff: on the movebah_nicolas on July 30th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)

I glance at the note, and let out a string of curses. I knew she wouldn't stay for very long, so I don't know why I'm that annoyed by it.

Could be I've gotten used to her presence. And the way she makes Jacinta seem to rethink her actions.

I look up as I hear a crack of Apparation. It's my investigator.

"What is it?"

"Just spotted the witch Nina described. From the looks of things, she's got Lisbon and it's not about to end well."

Well fuck.

Anything happens to Lux Lisbon, Nina's going to bawl me right out.
Lux Lisbon: scaredbah_lux on July 30th, 2008 03:13 am (UTC)
I try to twist away slightly. I consider calling for help. We are in a muggle train station with people all over. However, the wand pressed to my back is not an idle threat. She'd kill me before I managed to get a word out. I'm furious at myself. How could I get caught like that? I'm smarter than this.

"Don't you fucking move," she hisses. "I stupidly had too much faith in your ability to keep Nina away. I should have just killed you that day, and then just killed her that day. No though. I actually felt sorry. Well I'll make sure that never happens again."

"Let me go. Nina's not going to talk. I'm not going to talk either."

"Oh you don't need to give me reassurances about that. I'll make sure you won't." Before I can react, I feel immense pain as a curse cuts into my side.

I give a shout and try to twist away. This time, I succeed and pull away, clutching my side. I notice that people nearby turn to look when this happens. I do my best to stay on my feet, but it hurts!

"Give it your best shot," she snarls. "Or are you too afraid to use the actual talent that you have instead of just relying on your upbringing?"

I frown. I have my wand on me, but I don't know if I can get to it fast enough. "I'm not afraid." I might not be the greatest witch, but I am still a witch.

She responds by sending a purple jet of light out at me, followed by a blue one. The purple one misses by the blue one hits me on the uninjured side, right by my ribs. I curse at her as I nearly double over. I feel sick. Like the flu, just ten times worth. Breathe, Lux. Breathe. Leaning over, I manage to get my hand close to my wand, which is inside of the jacket I am wearing. I don't have much of a choice, I pull out my wand. The first spell that comes to mind for this situation could work. I just have to focus. "Stupefy."
Lesandra: banner picbah_lesandra on July 30th, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
I block it easily.

"Pathetic," I snarl before sending another curse to her. The few Muggles that were here had run off. Less distractions for me to worry about. It misses her however, and she sends another weak defense spell at me.

"All those years of school training, and that's it?"

She frowns and I can tell she's getting angry. This time, she sends two spells at me, one after the other. One hits my leg, another passes me by. It hurts like hell... just about the time when Poliakoff hit me with that curse, but not as bad.

I send another curse at Lisbon, and smile in satisfaction as I see blood appear on her abdomen, but that smile soon fades at the sound of an Apparation. Nicolas Poliakoff is right there... and looking mighty pissed. Before I can get a shield up, I'm hit and hit hard. I suck in what remaining breath I can suck in, and use my strength to Disapparate.
Nicolas Poliakoff: edgybah_nicolas on July 30th, 2008 03:16 am (UTC)
Bloody bitch decided to just take off. No fighting back on her end.

"I'll track her," Bones assures me as I turn to see Lux, struggling to breathe. I stride over to her, and notice the damage that has been done.

"Have enough strength to side along with me?" I ask her softly, keeping my anger at bay.

She nods, then immediately looks like she wished she hadn't. "Yeah," she answers through clenched teeth.

I wrap one arm around her shoulders and I look over to Bones who hadn't left yet. "Explain it to the Ministry. I won't be available to."


I concentrate and with a crack, we appear outside the wards of my house. Can't Apparate past them or you'll end up splinching yourself. With a wave of my wand, I open one ward, and we enter, the ward soon closing. Safely past the outside wards, we can Apparate again, which I do inside my house. Lux looks like she's about to pass out, so I lift her in my arms and bring her into the bedroom I had given to her and lay her down on the bed.

"Don't move," I tell her as I summon a towel and place it against her abdomen. "Just keep that there, while I get the potions."

"Okay," she hisses as she presses her hand on the towel, but doesn't say anything else, though normally, she probably would have had many things to say about me ordering her to do anything.

I head down the length of the hallway, thankful Jacinta wasn't here today, and head into my small potions lab, grabbing some vials and heading back into the room. I sit down on the edge of the bed. "None of them taste good, but they'll heal you." I tell her, undoing the top on one of the vials and handing it to her.

She looks a bit hesitant about taking the vial, but drinks it. She manages half of it before she makes a face. "That is terrible."

"The next two aren't any better," I warn her handing her both of them. I take the towel off to see the large cut on her abdomen. "Crazy witch..."

She finishes the first and the the second, clearly not liking it any better. "Crazy is an understatement. She's insane." With that, she takes the third vial. "Disgusting," she mutters when she is done.

"I need to see the wounds to finish."

She frowns at this, as if thinking about it. "They're not too bad." She's already feeling a bit better if she can protest.

"Lux, let me see the wounds. Those potions won't heal all of it."

She gives a sigh of frustration then winces. "Fine." She pulls her shirt up, exposing the cut on her abdomen.

The cut looks jagged and already infected, so I know which curse the witch...Lesandra... used and I cast the proper healing charm for it. I notice bleeding near her ribs and gently cast another one. That last vial she drank also had some sleeping potion mixed into it, so she should be about ready to drift off now.

"You should be a hundred percent in a couple days."

"Good." I notice she seems to be fighting the sleeping potion, but she's failing and her eyes close.

Yes, good. Because then you'll be forced to listen to me yell at you. Because I've never met such a hard headed witch like you. Even worse than Jacinta. "You know," I say softly, "the wards on this place made you completely safe."

"Nothing's completely safe against her," she answers, eyes still closed and I can tell she's about to fall asleep.

"Will be soon enough," I promise, feeling the need to make it.

She makes a sound as if agreeing with me, but that is it except for even breathing that follows, proving the sleeping potion did its job.