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26 August 2008 @ 10:37 pm
Altercation With Aly Fawcett...  
I keep my foot on the idiot's throat. The way things are going lately, everyone thinks they can run right over me. Well if I have to make another example, I will. All healed now.. and ready to kill whoever pisses me off.

"All right! All right!" He chokes out.

"All right what?"

"I'll pay you what we agreed on!"

I put more pressure. He starts to turn red. "Which was?"

"Five hundred! Five hundred!"

I pull my foot off of him and he slowly hauls himself to his feet.


He rubs his throat, and I simply withdraw my knife. His eyes widen and then he quickly makes his way to the back. Seconds later i have a pouch filled with money in my hands.

"Next time you refuse to pay for the potions I make, I'm cutting your throat," I vow. With that I turn and walk out of his shop, rejoining Knockturn Alley.

I sheath my knife and make my way through the crowds. As I do, I collide with one witch coming out of the shops. At the force of the collision I get knocked into a wall, and I wince as my side hurts. Nothing's fully, one hundred percent healed.

"Watch where you're going," I snarl. Then look up.

Well, well.

The witch that somehow lived through that bomb I made. Fawcett, I believe.
Current Location: Knockturn Alley
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Alyssa Fawcett: WTFbah_alyssa on August 27th, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)
“I’m sorry," I reply looking at the witch.

I then pause and grab my wand tightly without it being to obvious. Something about her…the way she’s looking at me. I take in her features and try to remember the description that Nicolas gave me.

"Ah, the one that got away,” she sneers in a low voice.

My blood turns to ice and I know instantly who it is.


I idly wonder if that useless git Seamus has following me is around, but don’t bother to look. My eyes stay trained on the witch in front of me.

The reason I lost my husband and baby…

The reason my best friend lost over two years with his wife…

The reason Keena had to go without her mother…

She straightens, her long dark hair loose, her cold dark eyes narrowed on me. A half smirk.

"I do believe your first name is Alyssa correct?" she asks softly.

I don't answer.

"Cat got your tongue or did you lose it with the husband as well?"

I know she is trying to get me to fight, and I try not to give her the satisfaction.

It doesn't keep my heart from racing in my chest however.

She starts to circle me then. Like a cat after a mouse.

I'm not a mouse however, and I haven't made it this far without learning a trick or two.

A wizard comes out of one the shops and looks between the two of us. The witch, Lesandra, glares at the wizard and he instantly Disapparates right there before she turns her attention back to me.

"Always wondered what it would be like to hunt a hunter..." she drawls out. "Then again you and Finnigan have been trying to hunt me. Not a smart thing to do."

"Not our fault you're like a cockroach and won't die," I push out between gritted teeth. The knuckles around my wand are white now, but I don't loosen my grip.

"The same could be said for you," she taunts. "Then again you should really be directing your anger at another. If Nina had listened to me, you wouldn't have lost your husband." She pauses. "Then again if Poliakoff had died when I hit him with that car, maybe she would have run then, but no matter now. Remarried yet? Just curious so I know what name to carve on the next tombstone."

My wand drops just a fraction of an inch as I think about Wayne. No way is this psychotic bitch getting anywhere near him or anyone else.
Lesandra: smirkbah_lesandra on August 27th, 2008 02:41 am (UTC)

I smirk as her wand starts to lower. Just barely though. Not distracted enough. I'm not that great of a dueler, something that my run ins with Poliakoff has hammered home. Should have brought Damiano. Either that I should have stunned her and then brought her to him. She's pretty enough. He would have enjoyed her.

"Ah, so there is someone. Think he could handle a bomb as well as the last husband did?"

That seems to get to her as she yells something and throws two green hexes at me back to back.

I dodged the first one and barely got a shield up in time to see the hex rebound and hit a wall. With a snarl, I send a hex right back at her, as I reach into my robe's pocket with my spare hand searching for my smoke potion. Fawcett throws another hex at me and I dodge again and just as we go into a dueling stance, wands raised watching the other, my hand grasps my smoke potion.

She eyes the hand that is hidden, and aims a stinging hex at me. She misses however. She's getting sloppy.

I click my tongue. "Need to do better than that," I taunt then slam the smoke vial onto the ground. As the smoke rises, I get off a hex. I hear a yelp but not sure if it hit my target or some other poor fool.
Alyssa Fawcett: Blankbah_alyssa on August 27th, 2008 02:42 am (UTC)
My stomach gives a nasty jolt as I hear the innocent bystander scream.

If I hadn’t lost my temper…If I hadn’t let her provoke me…Hold it together, Aly.

The smoke starts to clear and I cast a stunning and full body bind in quick succession.

Right now my only goal is to get her off the street.

I see someone drop to the ground, but it's not her.

"Nice try," I hear her snarl from behind me.

As I twirl around, rapidly approaching footsteps get our attention. "And that's my cue to leave. We'll see each other again...after all I have so many to choose from..."

I feel a hex graze me and then the sound of Apparition.

The idiot watchdog Seamus has on me comes running up. "I got help, and Mr. Finnigan is on his way."

"I thought you were suppose to protect me, not watch me duel some lunatic witch who's tried to kill me before," I hiss.

The Auror's rushing over stops any response. I answer questions, trying to be helpful when Seamus shows up and walks right over to me ignoring the MLEs.

"Ms Fawcett's coming with me. If you have any further questions my associate will be happy to help," he says motioning to idiot.

The MLE starts to argue, but Seamus doesn't allow him to.

As Seamus escorts me away, I say,"Thanks. I'm g-"

"You're coming with me back to my place." The look on his face is almost murderous.

Before I can argue he adds, "Just until your wards are strengthened. And look for a hunt...might throw her off if she wants a second round, which I think she might."

I don't argue this time, cause I know he has a point.

"Ok, just until then...and a hunt might be good."

Without another word, we reach the Apperation Point and leave Knockturn Alley behind.
Nina Finnigan: tensebah_nina on August 27th, 2008 02:45 am (UTC)
I bend down, picking up Keena's things and set them back in her play trunk that's kept in the corner of the kitchen, as she contents herself drawing on one of my parchment pads, sitting at the kitchen table.

I hear the sounds of Apparation, and then hear the familiar grumblings of my husband.

I glance out of the kitchen and notice Seamus, with Aly.

Looking a bit bruised. And he has almost a thunderous look on his face. I come back into the kitchen.

"Keena, do you mind drawing in your bedroom?"

She looks up. "Daddy not happy?"


She nods, picks up her quills and parchment and I walk her to her bedroom. "I'll be back in a bit and we can draw together all right?"

Keena nods and I make my way back into the kitchen where Seamus and Aly are. I can see a few bruises forming, and her shirt's slightly torn.

"Do I want to know what happened?"

Aly glances at Seamus and then says, "Lesandra. I bumped into her in Knockturn." she then looks back at Seamus, "And your watchdog left. Maybe now you'll fire his worthless ass."

"Looks like you did more than bump into her," I say faintly, trying to keep myself calm, as Seamus' face darkens and he leaves the kitchen.

Watchdog? Seamus has watchdogs now? Since when?

Aly tells me about the duel and how Lesandra said she would see her soon, cause, "After all I have so many to choose from."

I shove that unpleasant thought to the side, reminding myself to contact Nicolas later. "Staying here?" I ask.

"Apparently," she sighs. "If you don't mind, that is."

I shake my head. Even if i did, it's not up to me. I suppose this is one side of my upbringing I'll never get rid of- A man's home is his castle, what he says, goes. End of story. "I don't mind. Why would I anyway? Could use another female in the house." I offer a half grin. "Drive Seamus nuts while we're at it too?"

She snorts. "A favorite past time." She trails off as Seamus comes back in.

Taking that as my cue to leave I slip out leaving them to talk.
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