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04 April 2008 @ 11:58 pm
Bad Food, Bad Thoughts  
"This food sucks," I mutter to myself, tossing the bread across the table. The soup sucks as well, and the steak is rubber.

Damiano is already gone for the day, so the only conversation I can have is either with my lab rat, or myself. And having one with myself is an indication that I'm crazy.

And can't talk to the house-elf. One, because their high pitch voices make me reach for something to toss at them, two, because I have a low tolerance for when it comes to dealing with them, and three...

Well we need a new house-elf.

I didn't kill it. Neither did Damiano.

No, one of us apparently made the mistake of throwing a piece of clothing at it when either I or Damiano was angry about something.

I don't recall having problems with House-elves when my brothers and I were growing up. It's just that lately... we can't seem to keep one for very long.

Not only that, I'm due to visit Tre at St Mungo's.

Safest place I could hole him up at. Damiano and I can't keep our eye on him ALL the time. But a visit to St Mungo's means a visit to England. I don't like England. Hell, I don't like living in Scotland, but since we wore out our welcome in Germany and a few other countries, Scotland's the best place right now.



Doesn't Poliakoff live in England? Somewhere...

I'll have to do a little more homework to find his exact location.

Earlier I recieved a couple emails from Lux. Apparently Nina's getting restless again. I can either send someone out there to quell her restlessness, or I can take another swipe at Nicolas Poliakoff.

I like the latter....

I hear a squeak and look over to my right to see a rat scurrying across the floor. Another reason to get a new house-elf.

Without hesitating, the knife in my hand goes flying. I hear a sharp sound, but I don't bother to check.

I think I'll go out to eat.
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