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19 May 2008 @ 01:25 pm
Bad Day  
It's still NOT healing.

I've looked through all my books, used all the healing spells in them, and used all the different healing potions I have.

The wound is about eighty percent healed.

I'd be happy with that really, but it opens back up whenever I try to work.

I've avoided going to St Mungo's, canceling two visits with Tre because I don't want him to see me hurt. He's never seen me hurt and I don't want him to see it.

I haven't gone to Damiano yet, because I don't want to interrupt his playing time.

That damn squib isn't able to help either. She tried. But she was useless, as it seems to be the norm with her. And it also seems her mind isn't on her work lately. I'm tempted to dump a cauldron on her to see if it'll get her complete attention, but all that will do is waste a good potion. I don't know what's distracting her, but if it keeps it up, I'm gonna get it out of her and then hunt it down and kill it.

Not to mention I haven't gotten any more communication from Lux. Only reason I got the fucking computer is to keep an eye on her. That witch still owes me four hundred galleons she somehow conned out of me. I wasn't satisified with the beating I gave her before sending her off to play babysitter. I almost handed her over to Damiano to play with, but then there wouldn't have been anyone to keep an eye on Finnigan. And if there hadn't been anyone to keep an eye on her, I would have had to kill her...

Still should have done it. Something tells me she wouldn't have been as hard to get rid of as her brother or her husband.

I go into my store room and start searching for armadillo bile. Unfortunately the so called assistant put them up high and when I reached, I let out a gasp as I feel the wound start to reopen.

"DAMN YOU BRIANA!" I yell out, knowing that the fucking girl isn't around.

Next time she comes around, I'm hurling a cauldron at her head, empty or not.
Current Mood: angryangry