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15 June 2008 @ 04:12 pm
Irritated, Angry, Mad... So Many Ways To Feel It  

Double Damn.


I don't know wether to break things, kill someone, or just work on my potions. Or take my frustration out on the damn squib, Bri.

My suspicions were confirmed.

Fucking Lux can't do a damn thing right!

I give into the urge and send a book flying against a wall where it hits with an unsatisfying thud. And of course wince with pain as I aggravate my non healed wound. Damiano is supposedly looking up what he can- when he's not torturing someone.

Nina Finnigan is back with her husband. She's probably back in Ireland by now.

And here I was, getting ready to let Tre out of St Mungo's. Now he has to STAY in because that damn fucking con artist can't do her job!

I glance over at that laptop I have, the one I got in order to stay in touch with Lux. Nothing from her the past few days. Although I understand now. I should have just had Damiano finish the job on her, instead of just beating her half to death. And I should have killed Finnigan too. I wasn't thinking clearly at the time.

I go over the laptop, turn it on and fire off a message to Lux Lisbon, royal pain in my ass.

Once done, I head down to my lab. I have two new lab rats to test potions on and I have to make some potions for a shop in Diagon Alley. Perhaps I can temporarily forget the hack job Lux has just done to my world.

If not, I can always track down the witch and kill her.
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