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26 June 2008 @ 06:55 pm
Denied, Annoyed, And Attempting A Little Bit Of Peace  

I stare hard at the nurse.

"What do you mean I cannot see my brother?" I ask her, appearing as calm as possible, even though inside I am not. I am not here, in bloody St Mungos for no reason. I am here to see Tre.

"He is currently isolated at the moment and being refused visitors," she repeats.


"Miss Paulstone," she says patiently, using the false name we have given the hospital when Damiano and I had brought Tre here, "you yourself know about your brother's violent episodes. He had one two hours ago. It is not safe to see him."

"If you let me see him, I will be safe! I'm always safe around him." I want to see Tre.

"I sincerely doubt that Miss Paulstone. Please come back in an day or so when he is much calmer."

I grip the wand in my hand, itching to curse the witch in front of me. It's a pity there are too many people around and this is too public... I would also like to be allowed access inside St Mungo's again. I silently count to ten. Then feel myself calm down.

"Do you know what set him off?"

"One of the male orderlies. Apparently he doesn't like him."

Irritation starts to well up. "I made it clear to the Healer in charge of him, that Tre does not tolerate males other than my older brother very well. Only female orderlies, nurses or Healers."

"He was the only one on call. Orderly Smythe claimed that your brother attacked him. We saw the bruises. We did what was necessary. He is in restraints. He is in isolation. Your brother will stay there until he calms down."

I once again count to ten. Then to twenty.

"All right. I will be back in two days." Without saying anything more I leave the pyschiatric ward and make my way out. But not before I stop to talk to one of the main Healers, who points out the orderly my brother supposedly had the altercation with. His bruises have obviously healed up by now, but he is bigger than my brother. I have a feeling he could have handled Tre's violent outburst with calm and without hurting him. Tre wound up with two fractured ribs according to the report that nurse had shoved at me earlier.

There was no need for that.

I watch Orderly Smythe for a few minutes and then I leave St Mungos.

I don't go far though.

It's about two hours when I finally spot Orderly Smythe once more. He's leaving, done with his shift. He steps onto the sidewalk, and I cautiously follow him, not wanting to alert him to anything.

I need a new play thing. With Lux Lisbon practically disappearing off my radar, and the distracting news of Nina back with her family, I need something to make me feel better.

He gets onto a Muggle bus. I don't have what I need in order to carefully follow him some more. I'll do that another day. I watch the bus drive off and then I head into an Alley where I quickly Disapparate.

I appear on the outskirts of our home, wincing. My side still aches, still not completely healed. I make my way through the front door and then down a hallway, couple set of stairs and then into my potions room.

I look at two of my cauldrons. Still processing. I'll be testing those two potions out in a couple days. The last cauldron- the potion looks done. I bottle it up and then, to keep my mind off things since I can't hunt at the moment, I get some ingredients and start slicing, dicing, chopping. Mixing. Stirring.

The fumes that escape surround my room and the usual peace I feel from mixing potions comes forward.


Never really have it for long.
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